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CD72097 & CD72098: New B-52 sheets

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Two new B-52 sheets coming before early summer:


CD72097: 1/72 Strategic Air Command B-52 - Part 2:  This is the second SAC-era B-52 sheet. Mostly units/bases I could not cover in the first sheet "Pterodactyl Courier", at least a couple Secret Squirrel aircraft, maybe one or two D models, etc. 


CD72098:  1/72 B-52H Stratofortress - Part 2: New current/recent B-52H markings - think of this as the continuation of CD72058. "Tagboard Flyer", "Wham Bam II", several other current B-52H options.


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For 72098, I think 72 BS from Minot in the mid 90s would be a neat subject; short-lived squadron that was formed to absorb the influx of B-52Hs from KI, Fairchild, Griffiss, Carswell as the fleet was consolidated to just Barksdale & Minot.  Black tail flash with a '72' shaped lightning bolt...I'll look for a photo.



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7 hours ago, Dutch said:

A big Ooorah! Especially for "Pterodactyl Courier" of the 42nd BW, Loring AFB, ME. And eventually scale these down to 1/144, please?


Thanks Kursad! You’re sure making us New England boys happy the last few sheets!!

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This tail flash appeared about 10 years ago; I believe it was a function of the 69 BS reactivation at Minot...my best guess is that for a period of time there were two ops squadrons supported by a single AMU, so the non-flagship jets for the 69th and 23d received this until the 69th AMU was fully established as its own entity.




60-0049 circa 2012:













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3 hours ago, mungo1974 said:

Sweet, been wanting to do this now sadly destroyed 'OT' BUFF for awhile to go with the 'OT' B-1B you did


Yes, and as you probably know there is also a tie-in back to CD72058, in that 61-0007 is the jet pulled from AMARG to replace 0049.


Additionally, here are a couple of 60-0034 'Wise Guy' taken last spring, shortly after it was regenerated from AMARG to replace 60-0047:







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60-0057 marked as 340 WPS flagship, May 2019:






And a couple from November 2014 when it had 'Luck Be A Lady' nose art:







60-0003, November 2014:







61-0031, November 2014:







60-0041, November 2014:






I don't have tail photos of either 0003 or 1031, but the above shot of 0041 is representative of those two jets.


60-0061 marked as 307 BW flagship, May 2014:








I believe the BD, 307 BW, & AFRC text are vinyl decals, accounting for the unusual reflection, compared to the tail number which is painted at Tinker.




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On 9/5/2020 at 9:58 AM, Hooker169 said:

Any news on these sheets, Kursad? Specifically CD72097.

Thanks in advance 


I have drawn almost everything I need, but did not start putting together the final layout yet - the existing B-52 sheet is not close to selling out yet, so we still have a few months. It increasingly looks like early 2021.

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Hi Kursad, any rough timeline on 97? 

Just asking as my AMT kit is at decalling stage and wondering if i should shelve it for now or put it in the attic for a year?

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Kursad, I know you’ve been busy launching our other highly anticipated subjects like the KC-135A/E and B-47 sheets but how is the the SAC B-52 part 2 sheet progressing?

Again, no pressure just curious.

Thanks in advance 

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