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Monogram 1/48 AD-6 Skyraider

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Hey ARC,


Here's a moldy-oldie I built (mostly) OOB. This is Monogram's Skyraider circa 1983. I picked up this boxing at a kit swap meet for just a few bucks. The kit was complete, but many of the parts were broken or loose in the box. I say this kit is mostly OOB because there were a few things I had to scratch to replace. 


I used an old Microscale decal sheet to build a grey-over-white scheme from the '60s. The chevron on the C/L tank, the forward part of the cowling's chevron, and the rudder stripes were all painted. As far as the paint is concerned, I used Testors' little square bottles and MM enamels throughout the build. All ordnance and tanks were cut from the pylons. Speaking of pylons, I had to take about 1/8" off the centerline pylon because the tank would contact the "ground." I found this out AFTER I had already glued on the landing gear and C/L tank. I had to pry off the tank after all the glue had set. (*sigh*)


Anyway, the exhaust tubes and baffles on the fuselage sides were scratched, as were the boarding steps, pitot, triangular dorsal antenna, and canopy slider (?). The gun barrels were replaced with Master's turned brass (awesome!) barrels. All the rebuilt/replaced parts were broken in the box. One thing I didn't fix/replace was one of the wing fences that broke during assembly. The kit's plastic was VERY brittle.

The kit, warts and all, was a fun build. I know it has it's shortcomings, but I would build another. I do have Tamiya's USN and USAF Skyraiders in the stash that I'll get to someday. Until then, his was a fun (and I use that term loosely) way to get a Skyraider on my shelf.


How about some pictures...?















Hey gang, comments, questions, and criticisms welcomed. 


Thanks for looking!



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