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747-200 (Flaps down - Hasegawa 1/200)

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On 3/18/2022 at 5:23 PM, crackerjazz said:

... it looks like resin just pooled in that area.   

I use an airbrush to get into nooks where resin may be hiding - once after the initial swish bath, and again after the final wash before curing. Also speeds up IPA drying.


Fantastic work!! Appreciate all the detail you are providing ob 3D printing.


Gene K

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I just bought this old kit and intend to build it like the photo of the SQ plane, in a take off position. I have gotten the same 50th anniversary livery, next would be to get the PW4000 engines. This is something I can see in the overhaul shop everyday since I work for PW.
Where can I get the resin flaps and slats for my build? Your printed slats look good, simply beautiful.


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Hi Cklasse, thanks!  That must be cool working for PW : )   The original resin set (pics I posted at the beginning of the thread) are available from AV O.  You can send him a PM and he'll sort you out.  It's a really great set.  As for the printed slats I'll keep experimenting on what the best printing orientation is to prevent resin pooling at the bottom.  I'm still having issues with the curved lip at the bottom.  It's like resin pools up in that area and hardens and I have to sand/shape the curvature.  So it defeats the purpose of 3D-printing the slats : )   I'm planning to send my work to AV O and he can evaluate and market them.

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