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Help with a post and author...

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I have had this topic bookmarked for a few years...


Now these exhaust "Call em' Done" covers look better...


However, now all the pics are blurry (The photobucket problem..). I want to print the article, but not with blurry photo's.


The other problem is the author has not been here since December 20, 2015 and is probably gone by now.


I'm trying to find this article with the original, clear pics. If I could only contact the author, he could probably help.


Any suggestions on how to get this article with non-blurry photo's?







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If you go to view page info (it's under tools in Firefox) the info box shows all the links on the page.  You can just copy and paste them back into your browser to see each photo. It looks like his albums are set to private, so I couldn't find a link that shows the whole album.

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