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A rare Aggressor - F-16C Block 30, 527th Aggressor Squadron

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Very, very happy with how this kit has turned out considering its been sat in the garage swathed in dust and masking tape and at the mercy of the cats the last 5 years, whilst I've been in a modelling funk.  The Tamiya kit is absolutely superb, one of the best kits I've ever built, the quality is really obvious when you place it next to the Kinetic and Hasegawa kits.  There's 4 or 5 little bits on there I'm not happy with, but I'm happy to move on and call it done.


Onto the pics.  F-16C Block 30, 527th Aggressor Squadron, RAF Bentwaters, 1989.



I used just a little lights weathering with MiG dark wash.  These birds weren't around long enough to get that dirty.




I made the intake cover using a piece of cardboard, covered it tissue paper soaked in white glue and painted yellow.  Red Star came from the decal sheet.

It's also a rare bird in that although it was one of the first Block 30 F-16s, which came equipped with the new GE engine, but the early ones still had the "small mouth" intake, later Block 30s coming equipped with the "big mouth" intake due to their requirement for a larger airflow.


The decals are from the now defunct Afterburner Decals.



I used the Tamiya metal detailing set for the pitot probes and ejection seat belts.


Inspiration for the real thing to finish up with.  Alas the 527th was very short lived with F-16s, lasting less than 2 years before the end of the Cold War brought about their disbandment.


My collection of F-16s now stands at 5/16.....



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Good to see you back at the bench, Nev! :cheers:


Lovely Viper family portrait. :thumbsup:

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