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Italeri Gripen JAS-39A 1/48 NATO Tiger Meet 2017 - Simona Krainová Tiger Eyes -, Czech Air Force

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I made this model from Italeri product, but the original decal was not satisfy me, so i replaced with my own decal refer to actual fighter vertical tail fin art refer to 2017 Czech Air Force that have a unique pictures. A cool Czech girl (real model woman name Simona Krainová) and tiger eyes side by side. 
There are many tiger meet arts for Czech Gripen, and this 2017 relatively new scheme for CAF. Hope you will like it.
I spent about 40 effective hours to finish this model. Overall fitting is very good, need just a minimum filling and sanding. Clear part cockpit also fit very well. I use CA glue to attach the canopy clear part with no matter at all. There will be a trick to do this without any fogging effect with CA glue. 

All tiger scheme at upper fuselage use bluetack trick and piece of tissue paper to protect other space, one by one refer to actual picture. 

At the last scene, i make a photo with some background printed with 2 size A3 photo paper. 
All armament can be released to easier transport the kit, and re-attach to the pylon, i inserted neodymium magnet 2mm width.




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6 hours ago, spejic said:

The decals you made are amazing. Could you tell us more about the technique you used?


Hi spejic,, I just did a continuous search for a gripen nato tiger meet and pick a very clear pictures for the tailfin and best resolution from internet. Just edit with the corelDraw software (vectorised it, need extra time) to fit the scale. When everything was firm, then printed to a white background water slide decal paper for the tail fin. HTH. 

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That's a really tricky thing to do because the light on the real aircraft may not be appropriate to the image on the model, and the high level of detail in the photographic image may not match the detail level of the model. So you had a unique situation, but the finished model really looks excellent.


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