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1/32 Air to air refueling Iraq 1991

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Latest mammoth project was a US Navy AAR diorama during desert storm.

Both models are Trumpeter with lots of aftermarkets and both have dedicated WIP post on my blog. The A-7E was posted here before if I remember well.




The diorama is about 1m20 long and quite hard to display and photograph (call me crazy :) )




Some shots of the Intruder:






Some shots of the Corsair:







and a final picture:





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Wow, outstanding. I’ve just finished my 1/32 Intruder Tanker conversion, loved the whole build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235068244-132-trumpeter-intruder-ka-6d-conversion/


A great way to show both models, the basket is just awesome.


Well done sir.

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Excellent! For a longer period of time I was thinking of KA-6D + F-14 refueling diorama.

Your looks awesome. Photographs don't show it (as you said), they seem typical 1/48s from first 2 photos at least. When you come closer it becomes evident this detail can't be achieved in 1/48.

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Wow such an inspirational display. I always wanted to do this but I think I have more modest goals and planning something in 1/144. I really like your basket and I think it is even better considering it is in 1/32nd. I will now have to go to your blog and see how you did this amazing work.

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