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477th Composite Group B-25's

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Currently looking into bomber unit that was associated with the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II.  I know they were training on the B-25 before they were inactivated.  Does anyone know what version of the B-25 they were training to use?  

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The original 477th BG was activated training with B-26s in May 1943, but was inactivated in Aug 43. In Jan 44 was reactivated and by Aug 45 it was composed of the 99th FS, 616th, 617th, 618th & 619th BS's.  By the end of 1945 the group only had the 99th FS and 617th BS assigned with the other 3 squadrons being deactivated. 


I found this pic of B-25 they used during training, but haven't found any of the 99th's P-47s.  


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Thanks for the information.  I was able to reread the Osprey book on the 332nd that had information on when they became they 477th Composite Group.  Seems they were flying B-25 H/J's and P-47N's.  Thank you everyone for the help, very much appreciated.

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