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Launch Complex 14 LUT Drawings

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I have seen some basic drawings online but you'd be guessing at a lot of the details.


The Revell kit is an abridged version of the real LC-14 structure, it is shortened and abbreviated.  Again, there are basic line drawings out there.

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Thanks for the information. However, I'm looking for drawings for the other service structure that had the crew access arm. I think LVM Studios made one, but they seem to be defunct. I searched, but can't seem to find anything suitable, just a few photos here and there.






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There was a pdf of the instructions on their website but I see they lost their domain. 

i search on the Wayback web archive and found the product page with a link to the instruction manual but apparently it wasn’t “captured”






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On Britmodeller, there's a guy who is building, and augmenting this kit ... and if you go to page 7, scroll down halfway, he's starting the LVM tower ... now, he hasn't updated his build in a year, but he may have some info for you ... if you ask nicely!  :whistle:




Hope this helps!


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Rich O also built an awesome crawler in something like 1:72 scale. Not sure if he still posts on that other site - many of the really good modellers there left.

If I remember correctly, some of that launch assembly was from a kit. I think Manfred was/is friends with him and may know.

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Yep, my friend Rich has used some old kits you can see at the beginning of his great thread in Britmodeller Forums:clap2:




I have helped him with some NASA photos like these here. :whistle:


Mercury-Atlas Rocket on the Launch Pad




But he had some problems during his building process with his nice cats, :woot.gif: has meanwhile also moved and unfortunately lost some things in the process. 

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