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T-33 kit recommendation

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I have been very blessed to have a long career in aviation. I've been an air traffic controller for 27 years and I have been gathering kits from aircraft I have talked to on the radio. This includes U-2's, F-15's, KC-135's, every airliner and many others. I was fortunate to have a friend be even MORE into aviation than I was (we were controllers together) and he started Ace Maker aviation. I have been to many airshows with him flying in his T-33 that uses to perform.




He recently acquired his third T-33 and has a really cool video of a three ship formation on FB if you care to look.


Long story longer, I want to get a kit to model as closely as possible one of the aircraft I've flown in. They all are actually Canadian CT-133's. I'm looking in 1/48 and I have seen the GWH and the Academy. I want to buy all the PE and metal landing gear parts I can now as these things seem to disappear over time. I will need to have the decals made or make them myself. Any recommendations you have for kits would be great.


Also, if you are modeling a T-33 and need pictures of anything, please let me know.....I know a guy.


Thanks in advance guys!


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Great Wall T-33 is currently the best out there - - lots of beautiful detail and it builds easily. Pic of mine above.

The Academy is a rebox of the Hobbycraft kit, which has an odd hump on the fuselage aft of the cockpit. Fin and rudder are oddly proportioned. 

Then there's the Testors, which is a rebox of the fifties-era Hawk kit. Shapewise, I much prefer it to the Hobbycraft, but there's no cockpit or wheel well detail. I used a True Details resin cockpit and force fit the Monogram P-80 wheel well into it but the latter was a lot of carving and sanding.

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