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FROG Shark - not safe to go back into the water! (OOB)

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Well the people have spoken, and the winner in my poll to see what should be reviewed next was the Blackurn Shark, from FROG. This is one of those “Because you demanded it!” moments, and I have to say, I was surprised the Shark came out on top.


It was close with the Neiuport and Macchi coming in close second and third, but the mighty Shark won out!


Hailing from the 1968 time period, this first-style boxing certainly has he years on its side! So, if you’ like me and love a good classic kit, or you just want to see how it was done in the old days, check out the link below!






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On 3/12/2020 at 9:09 PM, ChernayaAkula said:

I really like the way it looks on the Frog box art. 😍 The angle and the floats make it look kinda sleek and fast.


I've noticed that a lot about old biplane box art. The art on the Matchbox Seafox makes that rinky-dink little thing look huge and butch, and the Shark's art makes it look very streamlined and fast, indeed. 


Of course, in neither case is that true... 🙂


Gotta love the power of perspective!

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