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1/32 Ra'am loadout question

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Hi all


Can anyone tell me how many SPICE bombs a Ra'am can carry?  And secondly, could the Ra'am carry 4 SPICE bombs and still have a full loadout on all weapon stations including GBU 12s and Mk 82s?  I was thinking 4 SPICE bombs on the inner front and rear stations, drop tank on each wing, mk 82 LDGP on all outer weapon stations and two GBU 12s on the middle inner weapon stations plus either 2 sidewinders or 2 python 5s on wings stations with AMRAAMS


Sound  an ok loadout?  I also have GBU 39s I could throw in somewhere either on the Centreline station or another drop tank




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Are you asking for a realistic load out or just bombing up the Ra’am for fun?  I doubt that Ra’am would carry Spice anywhere else but under the wing pylons, especially if it’s the 2000 lb version.  Even if it could be carried on the bottom CFT pylon, it’s doubtful it would be done so for ground clearance reasons, and even less likely that they would also mount weapons on the shoulder CFT pylons.

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