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How to AGM-65 clear seeker nose?

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I picked up some Eduard AGM-65 Maverick's.

Unfortunately the 1/72 version doesn't include a clear seeker nose option for the Laser variant.

What is the best way to ->

- paint a clear seeker effect?

- replace the nose with transparent material?




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1 hour ago, david sMiGielski said:

In that scale, I'd go the clear epoxy route. Dab it on, then hang to dry nose down so it forms a dome. 

As David said.

You can drill the nose and add a drop of clear epoxy glue and if you work carefully,don't need even to put the nose down;another way,as I done in my Hase' Walleyes,drill the nose, glue a piece of clear styrene ( a tree of a canopy is perfect) and sand to shape,a bit of Future or Gauzy et voilà!



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What variant of AGM-65 Maverick are you doing for your build?


The seeker cover on IR variants are a tan-ish/cream color, while the EO and LASER variants are clear.



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Make a vertical silicone copy (an old film canister is great for this) of the forward section (up to about 1/3 of the fins) of the missile.  After the mold has cured, remove the missile and cut off the seeker nose.  Add a few drops of Elmer's white glue or MicroScale clear window-making liquid, re-insert missile and let it dry.  Voila!  Clear seeker noses.



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I dont know how big you need but you can try some HO scale clear lenses for model railroading. HO scale is 1/87 and Details West makes them in different sizes.

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Take a clear plastic from blister (which they use to pack i.e. various modellers tools), heat it over the flame until it start to bend under it's own weight and then stretch it on "hoof" either made from missile tip mounted on thick sprue or missile itself. Mark the edge with marker pen, cut off, sand and tint.




Seeker heads


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