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Sad news today.


An agreement was reached by the organizing team of Moson Model show 2020 for the


of the event due to the coronavirus epidemic.


Sad that this year we will miss the event but next year, in 2021 April 24-25 it will be back strong and healthy!


Hope everyone understands the cancelations but in the current situation there is unfortunately no other responsible way for the organizers.


Moson is attracting visitors from all over the world as one of the biggest events of the year. There is no responsible way of organizing such an enormous event with the knowledge of a possibility of infection. Visitors and exhibitors from close to fifty countries were planning to participate at the event. It would have been a health security nightmare for visitors from all those countries but also keep in mind that they would have flown out back home after the shows weekend taking with them not only some nice kits but in the worst case the illness too.


I am sure, I hope that modellers all around the world understand this decision. Believe me it was not an easy one and lots of negotiations are behind it.


Sad, but next year there will be Moson 2021.




Best regards


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I am very sad about this, but fully understand the decision! Now, I can cancel my chamber in a hotel in the nice city of Györ.

Hopefully, the circumstances for Mosonshow 2021 will be much better and it can shine as bright as the shows in previous years.


Kind regards






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Here is the official announcement. I did contact yesterday the organizers to confirm that this is not a fluke news but is real.


Dear Modeler Friends, Dear Visitors!

In recent weeks, due to the global spread of the Corona virus in many countries and the increasing risk of infection, based on information received from local and state public health agencies no major events, especially international ones are not recommended in the coming months.

The organizers of MosonShow, after consulting with - and in full alignment with - the Mayor's Office, decided about the cancellation of the XXIV. Mosonshow (April 25-26, 2020) show event.

XXIV. Mosonshow will be held on April 24-25, 2021!

Atmosphere of the Mosonmagyaróvár meetings was characterized by the cloudless joy of meeting long time not seen friends. This year, we do not see this feeling secured because old friends and old participants would not be able to attend the event due to the viral health situation.

Of course postponing the event to a later date remained as an option, but eventually this one was discarded in favor of the fluent execution of other events.

We could not postpone our decision further more because we do not want to charge the participants with unnecessary expenses (airline tickets, accommodation, etc.).

We look forward to understand our compulsion to deal with the infectious diseases affecting many countries!

We look forward to see you next year!


MosonShow organizers


And here is the explanation for the decision:



We made our decision based on the following risk factors.

- international nature of the event (this year participant from 41 countries indicated that they plan to come)
- number of participants / visitors to the event on the weekend of the show
- the indoor nature of the event
- load of social facilities of the event
- physical contact is unavoidable due to the crowding at trade stands and the location of the competition
- paper-based objects and devices capable of carrying and transmitting the virus, which many people grasp by bare hands. (paper money, book, kit box . . .).
- high number of volunteers involved in the competition (about 150, jury, administration, speakers),
- The safety of the event is facilitated by a large number of students
- buy-sell takes place in the building of the gymnasium, which cannot be returned to 5-600 students without disinfection
- in the event of a problem, the health capacity of the city is insufficient to treat such a large army of visitors




This gives a little background to understanding the decision.


Best regards


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Pity as this would have been my first Moson show! Good thing is it will be even firmer on the agenda for next year. If that virus ever leaves us alone…..

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