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3 hours ago, CraigSargent said:

Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C backdated to the first prototype and finished using Caracal "F-15 Eagle: The Early Years" sheet. A lot of work and new parts designed and 3D printed.



Bloody fine job, I'd love to have a model of 71-0280 as good as this one. It's far better looking than most pics of this jet out there, the red/orange really didn't fare well in the Edwards sun. BTW, You outdid yourself on the special parts. It's fate is criminal, to be painted in the livery of a different jet, hiding its original tail number. As if this jet wasn't important enough to be represented correctly. 

A model 71-0280 Edwards AFB.jpg

A Model 71-0280 painted wFalse markings Lackland AFB.JPG

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recently used Caracal decals for the first time, very happy i must say!


1/48 HobbyBoss Ef-111A Raven, using Caracal CD48142 decals



They worked really well and were nice and thin, applied using Mr. Mark Setter and softened using Tamiya Mark-Fit Super strong(this step was not entirely neccesary as they were snuggling down nicely anyway)


The only kit decals i used were the slime lights (as caracal ones are not sized for the Hobbyboss kit) and some of the extra stencil decals from the kit.

Big thumbs up from me, I would definitely purchase Caracal decals again.











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Lovely build on this Raven. I saw these guys daily right across the taxiway from our unit, the 55FS at Heyford, '92-'94. This was my outfit, if the cameraman turned right about 90 deg from this spot, he'd have been looking at Ravens. I just don't have any pics "I took" of them unfortunately. Again, sweet job on the model. 

F-111E 68-0055 Sqdn Flagship RAF Upper Heyford 1993ish.jpg

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7 hours ago, AD-4N said:

Not mine, but found this great NASA Starfighter at Britmodeller.


Very Nicely done.   I need to head over to Britmodeller and check it out.  link:   Kinetic 1/48 Lockheed Starfighter F-104N - Ready for Inspection - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com

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I just finished up Kitty Hawk's FJ-3 as a FJ-3M with Kursad's FJ-3 Fury Part 2 decal set. I decided to go with a VF-84 Fury. Overall the decals were a real pleasure to use. They were sturdy yet settled down nice and firm to the model. I had absolutely no issue with them at all. I noticed that the bands were longer than the actual parts but I just trimmed them to fit the parts after positioning them. I understand Kursad's reasoning to making them a bit longer, it's better to have too much than too little.


As for the kit itself it was typical Kitty Hawk: Some nice detail, but lots of annoying engineering decisions that belie a sloppy development process. There were no spots to drill the holes for the wing tank pylons and the holes for one of the Sidewinder pylons were off! I just had to measure and drill myself. Also the fit of the two fuselage halves was less than ideal. It involved a lot of CA glue and accelerator.


I also utilized all of Hypersonic's excellent upgrade parts to polish up this Fury. The parts I used included the corrected nose ring, interior update and the corrected brass nose wheel. I also used CAT4's superb resin wheels. For the AIM-9B's I went with RESKIT's examples which are a bit fiddly but beautiful. A Fine Mold's F-86 brass pitot was bent into shape and replaced the anemic kit one that was broken anyways. Man, Kitty Hawk used kinda crappy plastic for their kits.


The braces for the folded wings were made from fine brass pipes


I had a major goof when some Tamiya quick-setting extra-thin cement somehow channeled along the side of the rear fuselage and screwed up the VF-84 decal on the bottom starboard fuselage! Thankfully, I just used bits and pieces from other decals on the sheet to fix the damaged parts of the VF-84. Turned out ok.


Paints were VIC Hobby water-based acrylics. They have an excellent set specifically for USN gull-grey/white aircraft which are my paints of choice for USN jets from this era.


Despite all the goofs I had and the finicky KH engineering I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've always wanted a FJ-3 in my collection and now I've got one. I could have done many parts better in regards to the assembly and the finish but lessons learned for the next kit. The Caracal decals again look superb and make this one Bold Bird! I'm looking forward to using Kursad's decals on my FJ-2. I'm on a quest to finish as many 1950's USN jet kits in my stash before DBMK releases their F11F Tiger since that plane is a Holy Grail for me.





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17 hours ago, Miramar Road said:

 I'm on a quest to finish as many 1950's USN jet kits in my stash before DBMK releases their F11F Tiger since that plane is a Holy Grail for me.


WHAT???   New F11F Tiger!   When?  Where?


Oh, and your Fury is drop dead gorgeous.   :cheers:

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Revell B-52H with 144020, built as 60-0010 "Smaug's Revenge" at Carswell AFB circa 1990:













Only modifications to the kit were to replace the wedge-shaped ALQ-117 antenna fairings on the aft fuselage with the newer, teardrop-shaped ALQ-172 fairings from the updated Minicraft kit, remove the kit's 'pop-up' ALQ-117 antenna from the upper aft fuselage, and as this represents an ALCM jet, I added an additional pair of ALT-32 antennas to the waist for treaty compliance.



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