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At the risk of showing my age, I built one of the original Aurora releases in the early '70s. For those of you too young to remember, by the late '60s, Aurora really " 'upped their game" and made some nice kits. As an example, I heartily preferred their HH-3 kit over the similar scale Revell offering because it didn't come with hundreds of rivets.


It's a very nice kit, it went together well, as I recall I only needed a bit of putty to seal a gap in the nose in front of the windscreen.

Good glass fit, retractable landing gear. 

Excellent decals for a prototype ship.

You could make it in gloss OD or a fantasy three color scheme or even a scene worn by later Cobras or early Apaches.

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Just picked up this kit over the weekend.  Decent looking kit for the time that it came out, rotor and tail blades will definitely need thinning down the trailing edges. Looking at photos on the web, it should have a large louvered vent on the left side. Also the cockpit is very simplified,  will need a lot if scratchbuilding to bring it up to modern standards. Also the canopy should be bulged out on both sides, not sure how to represent this without carving a new one and vacuform molding the windows.

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