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F-18E/F dual AIM-120 rack, available in 1:48?

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I’m not sure what this rack is called, but the rack that holds two AIM-120’s on a single pylon on the super hornets.  Can I get one in 1:48 scale. I have the dual bomb rack from res-kit but I can’t seem to find one for the missiles.  Likely because I don’t know what is it called to search for it. 



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You want to Google "1/48 Scale LAU-115 with LAU-127"








You want to make sure you get a set that has LAU-127's and not LAU-7's (if they exist), the dual launcher combination with LAU-7's was only authorized for F-18A-D and was discontinued from use the early 2000's when the F-18A-D switched over to the LAU-115/LAU-127 combo.


If you can't find a dual launcher set you can always get a hold of a LAU-115 and a couple of LAU-127's and make your own, just glue the LAU-127's to the side of the LAU-115 at a downward angle.


If you Google "LAU-115 with LAU-127" you will see lots of pics.




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