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Glynn Jacobs

Hobby Boss Royal Navy Lynx HAS.2 desired build.

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Ah, le deluge!


Well, this is not a b....ing and moaning session but some quick observations.


I am seriously desiring to build a 1/72nd HB Lynx HAS.2 or .4(FN) from their Royal Navy HAS.2 kit.  The problem is, there are a number of issues to get over;


The box says Royal Navy HAS.2 but shows a French Mk.2 (FN)

There are no BERP blades (go see Pavla!)

Seats are wrong for cockpit and cabin (go see Pavla!)

No rescue winch supplied, but shown on box art (go see Pavla!)

Antennas are for the British toupee, not FN BY

Wrong sponsons types (go see Pavla!) 

Engine couplings are for different engine and wrong (go see NeOmega!)

Tail boom stabilizer should be shorter, squared tip type, and wrong

Side observation foot windows too small and wrong shape

Rotor head seems to sit too low and,

Painting guide shows Sea Skua missiles but none supplied, (or used on FN birds).


OK, seems like HB is false advertising or maybe not too well informed!  By the time I bought all that resin, the kit would be around $50.00!  And, I doubt the gear could handle all the extra resin weight!


So maybe I will use my old, steady Airfix kit and swipe the BERP blades and correct tail rotor and mod the stabilizer from my Mk.8  kit.  Then, get the Pavla sponsons, interior, and export seats (and hoping they fit!) to go along with the NeOmega engine cowlings and nice Berna Decals I already have to try and pull this off.  I will probably buy the HB kit just to get the intake covers (to use as templates for some scale screens made of tea bags), for the correct torpedoes and racks, and anything else I could scrounge up that might be useful.  Still looks close to a $50.00 project for a small, 72nd scale helo!  I LOVE my Hobby!


Well then, sounds like a nice, semi-quarentined, modeling project.  And now, to stress-out over the correct colors!


Sans soussi, (without sorrow)







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