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Need Help with IIAF P-47D Dorsal Fin

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Hello guys,


Here is my problem and my question.


Today, I went to start building my long over due IIAF 1/48 P-47. I had purchased this old Testors P-47 yeas ago.


FYI, IIAF received quite a few P-47D's from USAF as military aid in the 50's. Now, unlike all the 1/48 P-47D's, seems like there is a dorsal fin in IIAF Thunderbolts as marked with the red arrow here.


Any suggestion what is the best way to tackle this?  



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Hi MiG Hunter,


I have the same problem, got an Academy kit but I want to build an D-30 bird. I plan to cut the fin out of a styrene sheet. I think that 1.5-2 mm thickness will do. The top would need to be sanded to make it more wedge like.

That's the only thing I came up with, so far.



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if you buy the Tamiya P-47M kit you get this fin fillet and two others.

along with 4 propellers ,various radio masts and parts to move the landing light to allow for the compressability flaps (also included.)


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