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German T-34's in Normandy in 1944.

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So I've been working on a 1/35 T-34/85 and watching documentaries on the type while at the bench. I came cross this YouTube video and was fascinated!



I've read so much on the Normandy campaign and yet never heard of this before. Oh it was well known that German units used captured Soviet tanks on the eastern front (and vice versa), and captured western allied tanks in the west (and vice versa in the Panther Cuckoo). But I had never heard of captured T-34's being used in Normandy. Interesting to say the least!


Enjoy and happy modeling!

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Yeah, you would have to read up on Das Reich while they were on the eastern front to find out what they had there and then took with them to the western front.


I found its quite often the way with German armour during the war, to find out what they have in Normandy you have to go back to their previous deployments.

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^^^Agreed. Beutepanzers have always interested me, especially for modeling subjects. I have a 1/35 Trumpeter KV-1 that is earmarked for these German markings:

Well how about that... - General Discussion - Official Forum ...


An eye popping overall white with black balkenkreuz and black stripe around the turret. Sherman's, Matilda's, Churchill's, French tanks, Czech tanks...so many trophy tanks in German hands. Add to that German tanks pressed into Allied service and a modeler has a lot of subjects to choose from.


Another oddity on my "to do list" someday is the Japanese Tiger I tank bought by Japan, along with technical plans, but never delivered:




Happy modeling!

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Yep that's a great site ^^^ for German KV-1's and KV-2's. I like this one for Western Front captured Sherman's:





Interesting topic. A whole group build could be done where the theme is captured materials being used against their original owners.


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