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Pending 1/48 F-18 Deal

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F/S From the I'm never going to get the build this collection.
Hasegawa F-18C
Revell F-18E Super Hornet.

I never thought in my lifetime I would be able to afford a Hasegawa F-18 but I came across one at a show one time guy was selling it the deal was that it was partially assembled. 
So the kit is partially assembled. The nose, tanks, pylons, flaps, splitter plates and intake part all assembled cleanly. Cockpit tub and instrument panel painted cleanly.
It has a Black box resin set. The BB decking part behind seat is cleanly installed. The previous owner cut the wingtips off and they are missing but there is a set of resin wingtips to use which depict them folded. I guess you could modify them to have straight wings deployed if you wish. 
Fuselage and main parts unassembled.
Sounds like alot but it still is mostly unassembled kit. Inventoried it is complete except it's missing the decal so I have included my set of Cam Pro F-18C decals.

Now another reason I got this kit for a decent price was that the box has one end has water damage and had mold a bit on the inside. Kit parts clean.
I can send you the kit in the box or if you wish I can bag up everything and send it as a bag kit. Your call.

Revell kit is open all inner bags sealed complete.


38.00 plus shipping takes it all

Contact me direct at licin at comcast.net 

I take Paypal and will accomodate those who wish to use check or money orders.


Cheers and thanks 

Max Bryant


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