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NA P-51D "The Enchantress"

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22 hours ago, Tomas Duck said:

Thanks guys!
Right side of fuselage is painted on basic colours, waiting for decals and finally wash and oils. On matt electronic boxes are scratches by aluminium and normal HB pencil.




It's one thing to understand, but entirely different being able to execute these details at

this level and presentation... amazing work!

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The cockpit is absolutely stunning, its a shame some of the detailing won't be seen

when the model is completed. Maybe someday, building a model undergoing some

heavy maintenance - with a lot of panels removed, might be a worthwhile project to

consider. Truly amazing work being accomplished so far!!!

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Thank you guys!

The truth is that one of my next projekts will be F4U-1D on assembly line. There are nice photos from LIFE magazin, I have a Tamyia 1/32 and  I´m thinking about composition. But it will be a next time 😉.

Now I´m working on radiators section, this is a simple, no a pipes and wires... 😃 Ok, one tube is added, it´s input for cockpit air heating. It´s short tube on first photo.





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Hi guys,

some progress on left side engine frame. As ussually I use some Eduard PE ( support battery frame, covers lock etc.). On the frame top side is vacuum restrictor on tube from daschboard to engine vacuum pump. On real plane is front part of frame open U profile, but I hope that this solution is ok. Beside tube is rod for propeler adjustment - only upper part now, second will be add after cockpit finishing, because I can easily destroy it now.





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I copy The Underdog.

Really like the little step approach showing the adding of detail. Just curios if you can give some details on sets You use from Eduard, they seem to be very useful.

Keep posting the outstanding progress you make.

Looking forward to your next post.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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Hi guys, I´m back on the world 😊 I have finished left side of fuselage, finally dry test looks good. In this moment there isn´t  throthle lever armature, because it is higher then cocpit cover and must be placed after gluing left side of fuselage. As in right side there are a Barracuda decals. 

Of course, I managed to break a lot of details, but that's life 😉 .     





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Thank you guys! 

So, Packard is in frame and now I need connect everything what is possible :-) On the top between oil tank and compressor will be a profile for battery support and finally space under battery will invisible, so there is a pic from this area...





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next small step, I did new glass jar which is used in battery ventilation system to absorbing acid fumes from battery box. I also working on main power wires from battery to ground and to the disconnect solenoid. Finally I prepare ventilation inlet from left side of fuselage to the battery box and engine is done! 😉









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