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Hi guys,

thanks for the positive comments, I really appreciate it!

On this moment I have done left side of engine. On this side is connected inlet tube of battery ventilation, vacuum tube between daschboard and restriction valve and control rod for propeler governor. 










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Hi guys,
engine compartment is finally done at 99% (some small PE parts missing and I will do some oil leaks). Because I working on this about 3 months I really need some change 😊 Next step will be a gun bays.

Thanks for watching 😉





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Gun bays.

I have complete right bay with guns  and cables connected firing solenoids and heating plates. PE Parts are Eduard again. 
Some small PE parts isn´t still on position,  will be glued after insertion to the wing 

Guns not glued now, only cables and side walls. Guns and bays will be painted separately, it´s to small for any show 😊


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Hi guys,

step by step, slowly to the finish line :-) Not yet, I know... But, I have done both gun bays and glued together with wings. I had to replace  twisted heating cables because I wasn´t  satisfied with this. Parallel cables are better. I made also guns covers from Eduard PE (yes, I used  lot of debonder :-) ).  Wings aren´t glued to the fuselage, only for check and photos.






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Hi guys,

on the lower side of engine firewall which is part of wings is fuel strainer and engine drain box. I made it and prepare connection rods for hydraulic and fuel tubes. This units are still visible on the model lower side, but this is maximum which I can able put on this small space.






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Hallo guys!

I´m very sorry for my very long absence. Enchantress is in "sleeping mode" now, because I have a lot of problems with NMF, I'm still looking for the optimal way to do it.

I have actual pic from lower side of engine, where they are  finished tubes and his connection to fuel, cooling and oil system. I also have a complete propeller.

So, Enchantress is little bit out of production plant, I actually working on P-40E (Adellon Clinger plane), next step will be probably B-25 (both  1/32) with NMF surface - it will be a nice training - and back  to the "E" - I hope 😊

Many thanks for the positive comments!

BR Tomas










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