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Nichimo 1/20 Cessna 172

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Okay, got this big bird done a couple weeks ago and finally got some pics. I meant to go to the nearby airfield to have real planes in the background, but this virus madness changed my plans. I’ll go when I get time. 

 It’s not totally accurate as it’s a 70’s Model 172 but I used a paint scheme using Arctic Decals of an updated 172 that looks to be currently in a hanger somewhere in Japan, based on the N number. So please pardon my low skill level with a complicated kit, I don’t do much scratch building. 
Thanks for looking. 













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Gosh, your model has brought back fond memories of building several plastic kits of

this particular aircraft, as a young boy. And, being reminded of the few opportunities

of getting to fly in the real-deal. You've done a splendid job on your model, and thank

you for sharing it with us!

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Beautiful build of a rarely seen kit. Really beautiful and pleasing.


Sorry, I am not sure if I understood your point correctly but N registration should be a US airplane, here it is...




Japanese aircraft ate J japanese. Sorry if I misread... 


Best regards..


Eric B.

Edited by Eric B.
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