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Russian MBD2-67U MERs

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Just need some info on the russian MBD2-67U multiple ejection racks.  Can anyone tell me if these could carry any larger bombs than the FAB100?  I've only been able to find pics of them with 4 FAB100s on them.  I just wondered if they could be !oaded up with two FAB250s or RBK250s?  Anyone tell me?  Also could they be carried on a mig21 with 4 FAB100s on each MER under each wing?


I want to use it either on my Frogfoot or Mig23 or maybe if possible on my mig21


Any help appreciated




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Hi there


Thanks for that.  Yes Dmitry sounds great.  He answered all my questions quickly on email and explained all the loadout options for me on my migs.  But for the MER they only hold FAB100s or any other 100kg bomb.  So I got two sets of the MBD2-67U  MERs and some ZAB 100-105s for thé racks.  I bought two sets of them as I have a mig21, mig23 and currently doing a Frogfoot.  So got those and some RBK 250 PTAB 2,5Ms, RBK 250-275 AO1s cluster bombs and two sets of UB-8MI rocket pods.  So all sorted for them.  He makes good stuff at reskit so they should look nice.  Trumpeter weapons leave a bit to be desired..  So I'm really happy I found the reskit stuff.  Can't wait to get it.  I think when you make a model, it can be the best the model ever, but if put on average weapons, just the whole model down.  So with reskit and zacto models, you get the best detailed perfect ordnance to make your model look great.  Ground attack munitions from remit and of course the fantastic AA missiles from Zacto.  It's great to be able to do the russian stuff with nice detailed resin sets now.


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