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Most shows scheduled thru midsummer are most likely going to be cancelled if they haven't already been.

Maybe some later season shows can still be held ...



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Snowbirds have already cancelled their spring training, which I am sure will effect the entire schedule.


I hear the Blue Angles have to cancel training too, as they fly less than 6 feet apart. The Thunderbirds can therefore continue with their schedule. 🙂 Just kidding folks.


I have reservations for the last Blue Angels show in Canada, I am guessing it will likely be cancelled.

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While I'm keeping up hope that some of the later airshows will go on once there is a handle on this virus thing going on (my local Abbotsford Airshow is the second weekend of August) I've already accepted that there probably won't be any airshows this year. I have a feeling that even if the curve is flattened and some of the social distancing restrictions are relaxed will very large gatherings such as airshows, concerts and sporting events really going to be a part of these changes? With how much this has gotten out of control so fast worldwide would it be a wise decision to allow these large gatherings so soon, possibly allowing a second wave of this virus?


I also wonder how airshows would do financially because I'm guessing a lot of sponsors may not be able to pony up the money this year, especially for the small town airshows that heavily rely on local businesses rather than large corporations.


I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. 


All the best to you all





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