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KittyHawk Su-35 . . . . ..

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Hello All, Greetings from India. . . . 


Just finished building this kit yesterday. Made completely OOB with added brake lines from stretched sprue and the ladder from Dreammodel for the SU-27UB. . Engines and the burnt tail planes are brush painted. . .. .Will be using the two as and when the Su-30MKI gets built ( Still sitting in the stash ) . . . Enjoy the photos.  . . . 😉 


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Greetings Adichau! Hope all is well with you and yours while this madness is continuing there in India.


I'm not sure what is more miraculous, the model itself or the beautiful photos you took! Wonderful job!

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Thanks for sharing your finished model. Great example of what can be achieved with,

building one OOB as you've done here. The paint colors and application is simply just

tremendous, especially the details on the engines. As others have already mentioned,

some of those photos taken outside are "phabulous!" Please, forgive my F-4 Phantom

manners getting the best of me. Looking forward to seeing your next project!

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