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Next Frazetta Project (1/48-1/35ish)

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7 hours ago, The Underdog said:



The 2 Robots look great. It's amazing how you can layer the different parts of their suits

of armour, and make them look so thin.


It is pieces of aluminium from a Coke can.  Just trial & error cutting & trimming of pieces till they look about right....and multiple attempts to get them to stick down with CA 😵


Cockpit nearly done.  Tiny fragments of decals used for lights etc. then much frustration getting them in position & getting them to stick.  Had to brush a few coats of Future over the top to get them to stay put.


Really struggling with the engines now.  About to try my 5th idea after first trying carving them out of solid styrene blocks, then trying to shape styrene sheet.  As you said above, all 3 spaceships are different, as are their engine profiles and all are shown from different perspectives, so getting it right requires some guesswork & artistic licence.  The front spaceship which I'm building appears to have more circular/oval engine fronts than the rear ship which has much narrower engine openings????



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