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CD48185 - 1/48 F-111E Aardvark - Part 1

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I guess you could see this one coming - after a string of successful F-111 sheets for the FB-111A, F-111A and EF-111; it is now time for some F-111Es. Mostly USAFE (Upper Heyford) aircraft with a few others. 

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8 minutes ago, Corey said:

Nice!  But if it’s either/or, I’d take “The Other Woman.”


Both of them will be on the sheet..because we're not in the business of breaking hearts here at Caracal Models. But this lady apparently was another story:



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23 hours ago, tony.t said:

Almost makes me want to suffer a Hobby boss kit. If it makes it to 1/72 that would be great.




Kursad has said that we can generally expect 1/72 following most 1/48 releases, so I'm hopeful. 🙏


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22 hours ago, fintajoe said:

Maybe some grey Cannon AFB birds in the future?


Why not? Although with four current 1/48 F-111 sheets (CD48111, CD48139, CD48142 and CD48185), it will be a while before I release another one. 

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