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1/72 Revell (old) Lancaster.

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Hi you all. 


A long time since I was here last time. It was in 2017 when the heavies GB was on.  I didn't compleat the model then. The decals where not good. But now it's done. I got new decals from Sky models that are nice. More pictures (some the same as in the GB forum) from the build can be seen here. I'm no master at weathering, so there is hardly any weathering on the model. Just some exhaust streaks from the engines. But they faded alot after the clear coat. After I took the pictures I notesed that I had forgot to paint the nav. lights and the ends on the propelars. I have fixed that since. I have also included some pictures of a diorama idea. The base is from Noy's Miniatures. I'm also going to use the Airfix RAF Bomber re-supply set, figures from Arfix, Revell and CMK. The ACE Matador is from the old Airfix RAF refueling set. I have also scratchbuilt another working platform to have on the other side of the engine. The engine is from CMK






















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Gretar Bill,

Nicely done on the old Lancaster. Paint application looks excellent and the engine

exhaust staining is just about right, sometimes "less is more!" I like the fact you've

left one engine without panels, as if maintenance is being performed. And, the Dio'

pieces really adds a nice touch to the model... job well done!

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