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F-86F-10 112958 Paper Tiger

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I need some info on this plane of Capt Harold Fischer in Korea 1953. I have seen

pictures of it with slatted wings but supposedly it had the slatted wings removed

and 6-3 wings fitted. I have decals, Superscale in 1/48 scale, and it shows a 6-3

wing with a wing fence. I don't always trust decal sheets especially if I see the markings

in photos different than the sheet. Did his plane, 112958, have the wings refitted or

is the decal sheet incorrect. Thanks jon

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    Aircraft of that block did have 6-3 leading edges fitted before the end of hostilities, ala Beautious Butch (51-12971), it had 6-3 wings. 




edit PS.    since no kit in 1/48 gives you a correct slatted wing anyway, just go with the Superscale decals  🙂


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Thanks Tony I did see that. What is really weird is that that plane, 51-12958 is listed

in Forgotten Jets as going to the 334th FIS in 1955 then to the Taiwan AF after that.

There is also a note that it crashed in N Korea 4-7-1953???? I am thoroughly confused

as I do have at least 2 pictures of it with slats deployed but none with the hard wing.

I have also seen pictures of McConnell and Fischer chatting in front of MCConnells

hard winged F-86, they served in the same unit so why wouldn't they both have converted

wings on their planes. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Think I will just go for

it and use the decals on my Hasegawa 1/48 hard winged F-86F-30. jon

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I just read a document stating that F-86F-10 NA numbers 51-12936 through 51-12969 received

6-3 wing kits in Korea September 1952. The original picture I saw of The Paper Tiger 51-12958

was said to have been in 1951. Soooooo all that being said as far as I am concerned these

images showing the original slats were taken before the refit for 6-3 wings in September 1952. jon

Go here.


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On 4/22/2020 at 8:21 AM, jonwinn said:

The original picture I saw of The Paper Tiger 51-12958

was said to have been in 1951. 

It's a mistake for sure. There were no F-86F in Korea in 1951.

As for The Paper Tiger, it has slatted wings at the day Fisher scored his last kill. 

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