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On ‎4‎/‎24‎/‎2020 at 4:34 PM, scotthldr said:

The lightest Grey for the small Star and Bar cannot be 36375, as if you look at the split colour large Star and Bars they are split 375 over 320. This would suggest to me that the lightest grey on the sheet is 36495, we can see this also on the colour profiles within the sheet. Therefore you need to match the small Star and Bar to the top colour of the large Star and Bar if that makes sense to get your 36375


I'm starting to think that someone at the print shop has made a boo boo, as the picture you have of the 4 Star and Bars together looks nothing like the picture I'm looking at on the net, are you able to take a picture of the complete decal sheet as I'm looking at images on the Furball website and something doesn't add up.


Looking at your paint swatches the Ammo 36320 looks too light, with Vallejo looking the closest.

I do not have a picture of the complete sheet I have already cut it up. I do also have the 1/48 sheet and the colors look the same on both. I see what you were saying about the colors looking a lot lighter on the website. I wonder if that is just the way the image shows on the web or if it is really suppose to be that color.

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Here is the finished kit. I never got the decals and paint to work out the way I wanted so I had to use the lightest shade of grey for most of the markings. I also had to overspray the darker decals against the 36375 to lighten them down a little bit. Luckily on the real aircraft the Bulldog decal appeared to be against a repainted area that seemed a little more blue, so I was able to do that and have that decal show up.


In the end I am happy with the results, but just took more effort than I expected. I'll post more photo's over in the completed build section.





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