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COVID-19 ARC Group build.

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USS Pennsylvania 1945.  Started this 9 yrs ago but it was so frustrating that I kept putting it off.  Til now.  Finally had the opportunity to just do it.

Tons of work, a lot of the foremast was scratchbuilt or very heavily modified.  Add to that tons of brass bits for railings, ladders, 20mm guns, and the radar bits.  Resin & PE 40mm bofurs.  

Totally scratchbuilt SC-1 aircraft on the stern.










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And currently underway is the Trumpeter 1/700 USS John F Kennedy CV-67. I'm building this for one of my EMS Chief's that served on it.



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Ooh, this is a fun one. I'll play...


I've gotten more done since March than I did in all of 2019!


Monogram 1/48 F-84F Thunderstreak







Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk. Vb







Hobby Boss 1/48 A-7A Corsair II







Hasegawa 1/48 A-4E Skyhawk







Los Angeles County's Stay Home order is supposed to extend until July at the earliest but likely August. I'm a teacher so I don't see the lockdown letting up for me until the Fall. I'm sure I'll get a few more shelf-sitters done.


Stay safe everyone!


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As soon as I finished up my 1/48 U-2 after our shut down I jumped on my Fisher Guppy conversion.  Took me 5 or 6 weeks from start to finish, and I had expected a 6 month build.




I now have a 1/32 Blue Angels Skyhawk almost ready for paint.  

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Well, I have to update my builds...


My last entry was the S-58 in German Naval Aviation colors. After I had finished that helicopter, I made a nice little "what-if"-project with a MD-500 in 1/72 by AZModel.




I played around with a nice night-camo, and love how it came out.




Except for the pilot figure, pylons and weapons (including the flare/chaff-dispenser) complete OOB. Done from april 20th until april 27th.



April 28th until may 5th I built my "Bedenkentraeger", more details here:








A very short build was done with my 1/72 Revell Horten Go229, a very untypical subject for me, as I usually never build WWII or Luft'46.







But this model was a gift for a collegue, so I made an exception from the rule.




Must be done around the first week of may.



To counter this unusual Luft'46-aircraft, I turned to the wonderful Airfix 1/72 Beaufighter TF.10 that I did in the colours of the Operation Firedog.




I practiced some heavy weathering on this and was quite satisfied with the result.




The model was finished on may 18th.


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For f**** sake I can´t get this damn forum-software to properly display the first picture of the Go229!! WTF?!?!?
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I was a bit undiceided then, and finally dug through my stash to look for something to build. I came out with the 1/72 Fujimi OA-4M.




Getting the decals aligned to the color-scheme was a bit of a challenge, both in colours as well as in the exact demarkation. Some minor flaws are there, but overall I´m happy.




Done until may 31th.


After that I did another "secret" project. It´s a farewell gift to a working buddy who is changing his post, and I will present it to him in september, when he will visit us for the last time (at least in his current function - I hope we´ll stay in touch!). I´m pretty sure he won´t be browsing this page, but I´d better do anything to not spoil his surprise, so no pictures here.


"Secret model" finished until june 11th.



Then another slightly unusual model, because it´s in 1/48, not my prefered scale. But this Revell CH-53G was a gift by my wifes parents, which I received over ten years ago. I started it then, but didn´t finished it until I dug it out at my parents house a couple of weeks ago.




I had the brilliant idea to give it to another working collegue of mine. He had taken care of my 1/72 CH-53G for some time (I have a lot of my models in showcases in my office, and the 1/72 CH-53G was a loan to his office), but it encountered a crash while at his place, and I kept it after the repairs. But since the 1/48 version of this helo is out of my usual scale, I was more than happy to give it to him. Apperently he spent some time beeing flown around with the real one when he served his tour in Afghanistan a couple of years ago.




This beast was done on june 16th.




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