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RA-5C Vigilante Head Up Display

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Dear all,


actually I'm building a RA-5C Vigilante.

My project will resemble a RVAH-11 aircraft, Vietnam War, between October 1971 and June 1972.


When the RA-5C entered service it was equipped with an head up display called Projected Display Indicator (PDI).

During her career this PDI has been removed by AFC 233.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out in which time frame these removal has been carried out.

Pictures I found were not conclusive.


Maybe some has more detailed information and might share them.


Many thanks in advance!


Look after yourself and all the best



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You may have the key to answering your question in the information you already posted.  "AFC 233" is a technical document issued by the governing authority to direct all operating units to implement the technical revisions it describes (AFC = AirFrame Change). 


If you know that AFC number was the one that removed the PDIs, confirming when it was issued will tell you at least a "start date" for the change.  Depending on their urgency and various other factors, an AFC may take years to be adopted fleetwide, so you probably won't be able to know exactly when the last PDIs were removed.

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Hi guys,


thanks  alot for your help and please excuse my late reply!


Finally I decided to use the head up display even it is doubtful that it was still in use around the time frame.


The reason was because it looks quite nice and the etched would have needed some rework to be correct.


You can find some more information in this thread:



Very best regards,



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