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New kit from Eduard. 1/48 Zlin 126-526 Trener, Akrobat

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I saw on Facebook and in a Czech forum that Eduard is coming out with a complete series of Zlin 126-526, two seat trainers and single seat acrobatic. There should be the C-105 and C-205 military versions also. Kits will be in 1/48 scale. There is a discussion on Britmodeler also. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070636-148-zlín-z-126-to-z-526-trenér-family-by-eduard-3d-renders/&tab=comments#comment-3640019

There is a discussion on Britmodeler also. 

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Ur NOT the only one that's done the same!  Forum design is lacking as one is right below the other.  Gotta pay attentions where cursor is.  I've missed that mark, too.


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I am surprised that there is not more interest in this kit. The 1/72 kits are selling very well for the other Czech companies. I communicated to Vladimir Sulc and he announced to me that there will be every variant short of the first wooden version Zlin 26/C-5. There just wouldn't be any interchangeable parts. He never answered if they will supply in the kit, the early rounded tail surfaces for the  Zlin 126/C105. Those at least would be in common to the first version and would provide opportunities for military subjects. 

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