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A different type of project

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With the quarantine, I wanted a project to keep me occupied. I had a big empty space over my basement mantle that had been in need of something cool for a long time. With my wife's permission, the basement is officially mine, and I made it aviation themed. So, somehow, I came up with an idea for a big picture, with a twist.


I had this picture printed on canvas because the Big E has sentimental value to me. It's 60 inches by 44 inches.




I also ordered 100ft of 1mm fiber optic, various 5mm LEDs, and a set of remote controlled decorative lights that would be the power source. I carefully measured and plotted all the spots for lights on the landing area, the FLOLS, and tower lights. I drilled out each hole and began feeding fiber optic through each one, securing them with hot glue.


The first few drop lights.




Round-Down lights.




The meatball.




It started turning into a forest.




I wanted to be able to turn the lights on by remote control, so I ordered these lights from Pier One Imports https://www.pier1.com/pure-white-led-glimmer-strings/PS73156.html . Then I snipped off the lights leaving plenty of wire to attach to the LED's I ordered from Evansdesigns.com.




I began attaching the LED's to the fiber optics using hot glue, and wrapping the connection in foil to reflect as much light as possible into the optics.




Then, when everything was in place, I mounted it above my mantle. During the day, the lights are not very noticeable.




But when the lights go down...




...And it goes dark, it gets kinda cool.




I'm headed down to my basement to enjoy a beverage in the dark. LOL

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The canvas alone is awesome. The lightning takes it over the top.Hope you enjoy your project for years to come!

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Thanks, gents. It was pretty fun and a great payoff. While the pics of it look good, They really don't do justice to sitting and looking at it. It was a fun project, and relatively cheap. I recommend it.

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Thanks boys! Thankfully, even my wife thought the same. Since I'm not on FB, she posted a couple pics of it to FB and IG. Possibly the most flattering thing she could have done. :)


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