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I made an MRP lacquer paint list

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I love MRP lacquer paints, but finding the correct colors is often frustrating. MRP paint color descriptions, as listed by most webshops, are far too generic to be useful. Finding the correct paint number(s) drove me nuts, and even MRP does not have a decent overview to help you. Therefore I created a list with a country code for each color to sort out the considerable mess, and that helped a lot to understand the sub-ranges in the MRP paint range. For the countries whose colors are spread out through the 400 colors, I made separate listings, sorted on paint number if a system exists.





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Great work.  Here are some notes that might prove helpful


MRP-14 is Gloss Sea Blue, the late WWII through postwar USN color


MRP 98 & 99 are the standard USN aircraft camouflage from the Mid 50s through the 70's

MRP 133 & 134 are the early WWII USN aircraft camouflage found on Wildcats, Dauntlesses and Devastator


MRP 225-227 are Isreali colors from the 70s


MRP 242 is USAF ADC Grey only flat instead of gloss

MRP 356 & 357 are the standard French Mirage 2000 Colors.

MRP 363 is Boeing Grey, the standard color found on all Boeing airliners


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Thanks for the positive comments! I'm improving the list nearly every day now, since it was just a start.


Darren and Cameron, thanks for your notes, I incorporated most of them in the list.



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I don't know what else to say other than THANK YOU for taking the time to create and organize such a list!  It is exceptionally helpful!  If there's a way this list can be pinned somewhere, that would be fantastic.



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