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A Little May The Fourth Day Fun: Trooper to Bounty Hunter

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My first ever real foray into figure modeling and I have admit it was a nice break from aircraft.  It'll be nice to get back to the Tomcat on the bench tomorrow but I thoroughly enjoyed this little build.  


This is Bandai's 1/12 Imperial Stormtrooper.  It went together out of the box in about an hour and looked nice enough.  But on close inspection it shows it's simple construction and movable limb with lots of ball joints where human joints should be.  I decided to make this trooper a post-Return Of the Jedi era trooper now just trying to make his way in the galaxy.  This would be roughly the timeframe of The Mandalorian and he is trying to make a name as a bounty hunter...


Our intrepid hero eager to volunteer for a typical Imperial Turkey Shoot...




The joints...movable and posable but it looks like a toy on close inspection.  






A little Miliput helps...




I filled in the joints and all other black areas with milliput in an attempt to give the appearance of some kind of jumpstuit garment under the armor.  the armor around the abdomen is also replaced with a miliput garment.   The guns both came in the kit (along with the typical Stormtrooper Blaster, but I thought three might be overkill).  Pretty much everything else is scratch built.  The white Comlink on the belt is the fin end of a Mk.82 bomb.  The holster is foil from a wine bottle formed around the blaster, superglued and trimmed.  The various pouches are all milliput, the flares in the right leg strap are jut bits of stretched sprue and tubing.  Whatever kind of weapon/accesory is mounted on the right arm is just a bit of styrene stock and some PE scraps.  The thing on the left arm that looks like it might extend into a vicious close combat weapon is a daisy cutter fuse from the bomb that donated it's rear end for the Coms.


This fella's story is that after the Empire fell he needed a job.  Bounty hunting seemed a good line of work in the outer rim, and it beats moisture faming or rancor keeping so he gave it a shot.  The tally marks on his right arm show he is fairly new to the job, but doing well.  The Corellian Bloodstripe running under the holster on his left leg hints at a heroic past in the Corellian military before his Imperial service.  I guess that's enough backstory for now...he is busy on his way to find a much hated Gungan with a lot to answer for...












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I like it! I think it's a great concept and executed well. I do however have a hard time believing he caught that many, Stormtroopers are notorious for not being able to track people or droids. 


Great job!


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I like the fangs on the helmet. Maybe repaint one or two of the carapace pieces like a shoulder pads and leg parts a different color to try and break it up a bit? 

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