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LUV it or leave it - Street Pickup (OOB)

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Sometimes, it’s fun to go a little wild and crazy. Real car owners have been doing it for ages, and model kit companies were generally not too far behind when it came to customizing trends. When something became cool on the street, it was typical for the model companies to start producing kits in the same vein, whether that meant modifying existing kits or just issuing new ones that were already customized or could be.


A perfect example of this was the mini-truck customization phase that was big in the mid-‘70s and lasted until the early ‘80s. The vannin’ craze and the show rod world spilled over and merged on the light trucks of the era, resulting in the Street Truck, a customized micro-van more for cruisin’ than bruisin’.


Well, now that everything retro is cool, Revell as dug deep into the Monogram side of things and brought one such road warrior back to life. This thing is wild and better than ever, thanks to new decals!


Check out the new repop of the Monogram Chevy LUV Street Pickup at the link below.





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No, I'm not a truck guy either. But a customized minitruck from the '70s WITH crazy UFO decals is pretty cool. Add to that they all have rusted away long ago (well, most of them at least) and it's an everyday loser car as well! I can't resist that! 🙂

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