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Grumman A-6A intruder // VMA(AW)-533 Hawks // Fujimi 1/72

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Continues the theme of classic machines in Gray over White camouflage. This time my next favorite machine from the turn of the 60s and 70s - A-6A Intruder. This time in Fujimi release. The machine will be in the colors of the VMA (AW) -533 Hawks squadron, stationed in 1969 at the Chu Lai base.




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Moses wrote:

This time my next favorite machine from the turn of the 60s and 70s - A-6A Intruder.


I can definitely relate to your feelings about the iconic "Intruder." I'll be watching the build,

and enjoying the progress being made on your project.

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Slowly continues work on the cockpit and parts that will be placed in the hull. Unfortunately, the set disappointed me a bit. Fujimi was easy and their A-6A is really a set showing the A-6E but the decal for version A. As far as the hull is not a problem, because there the differences are not great and easy to correct, the problem begins in cockpit. The instrument panel is for modification, one of the TV sight system displays should be removed from the TRAM version. In addition, the set includes bad ejection seats. The GRU-7 set must be replaced with the GRU-5. I traced the Koramodels resin seats in the Czech Republic, but when they reach us because of the pandemic, I don't know.







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Recently, little time for gluing, and nothing interesting is happening. I finished the dashboard in the cockpit and I made Lansing gears. The canopy has already placed, and now I preparation for painting, i.e. correcting deficiencies.







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