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Only my second ship build; normally I do aircraft, and the occasional well-worn car.  
USS Pennsylvania 1945.  Started this 9 yrs ago but it was so frustrating that I kept putting it off.  Til now.  Finally had the opportunity to just do it.
Tons of work, a lot of the foremast was scratchbuilt or very heavily modified.  Add to that tons of brass bits for railings, ladders, 20mm guns, and the radar bits.  Resin & PE 40mm bofurs.  
Completely scratchbuilt SC-1 aircraft on the stern.



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Thank you for the kind words!


Whiskey, this is more from my general love of battleships owing to my 19 years associated with the survivors of the Arizona.  Had the Arizona survived December 7th, she would have been rebuilt and modernized very similarly to the Pennsylvania as seen in this build. Just a mean look I've always loved!

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