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T-33A Hellenic Air Force 1/48 Academy

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Hello Scotthldr. I decided to make the TR-602 with Vietnam camouflage. The 602 is the only T-33 which engaged with Turkish F-16 in Aegean sea and after driving it from 15000ft to the surface of the sea, the Turkish fighter almost fell into the water. He avoided the collision because the fly by wire helped him get out of the sink. 

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On Monday, June 21, 1993, two T-33As of 370 MEE with the characteristic call "Pindos Black" took off from Larissa with a destination of 20 to 40 nautical miles east-northeast of Skyros to train air defense inspectors in the interception. Good weather, with a slight blurring below 10,000 feet, a pleasant transition to the area. Arriving in the area of cooperation with the ground radar, the heights of 16,000 and 18,000 are granted and the first installation begins.

"You will continue flowing three-four-zero and Defense one-nine-zero," the radar instructs. "One-nine-zero Defense, go ahead, I'm at 15 buzzers" is the leader of the formation, Commander (I) Kouratzoglou Ioannis, an experienced reconnaissance pilot with more than 3,000 hours in his assets, 1,000 of which in the T-33 plus 350 hours in the 335M F-104G.

"I'm going up at eight, flow three-four-zero," says his captain, Sgos (I) K. P., from the other plane. (I) V. T. Then he flew with the 349th Fighter Detention Day but he will always remember the F-16 interception he did with a T-33! About 30 miles east of Skyros, the planes had just begun to separate when a third aircraft suddenly appeared.

"Wow, wow, the F-16 between us is, did you see it?" the voice of the co-governor of "602" is heard. "What is this, tell him to look higher, what is Turkish?" the Second Lieutenant asks excitedly in his voice. "Look to your right, Costa, you have a plane," the leader informs No. 2 seriously. "Is it Greek?"

"P…" the Commander calls the radar, "there is another aircraft between us, an F-16, so look what is happening". "It's in the right corner and it's coming from here now." "Leave him  to catch, Leave him to catch." "I think it's Turkish." "Black 1 sounds threatening, it's Turkish."

With the arrogance given to him by the technology of his plane, the invader "hangs" behind "Black 2", infuriating the leader of the formation that erupts in insults. "He's following you, turn around and get off," he orders No. 2 and throws himself behind him. "I have Fox 2."

Greek frequencies may be monitored because the operator of the Turkish fighter is informed through another frequency and leaving "Black 2" turns against "Black 1". "It simply came to our notice then. Do we have a limit to that? ” the co-pilot of the other plane asks coldly. "Fortunately not," comes the answer.

The frequency is filled by the heavy breaths of the pilots pulling g and the voices of the governor of "602". "The collaboration with" P ώνεται "is being canceled, informs the radar station with an ominous tone in the voice.

"Do you see where I am?" It's "six o'clock" ours. " "He's not leaving behind." "Oh, oh, I don't have the same! Do you like it now? ” "You see him; is it back is it up to you? ' "No, no, he's gone now." "I will reduce it to zero. At zero! " the leader of the formation is sworn in.

His plan is simple: "From 16,000 feet I would drag him with very low maneuvers and as he would be busy with the other plane, I would cast my shadow on him, making him fall into the sea. Or I would hit him in the abdomen. I would strangle him and take him out drowned, "he would tell me years later.


Anti-g molds tighten like a steel glove around the bodies of the pilots as the aircraft swirl over the Aegean. The needle at the height turns like crazy. Now in front is the No. 1 of the T-33 couple, behind the Turkish and further back, at 4,000 feet the "Pindos 2".

The "602" trembles as the pilot flies the plane to its limits, not wanting to give the Turkish pilot the satisfaction of putting him on his sniper rifle. "Our plane was one of four that the Squadron had without restrictions on g and equipped with Martin-Baker seats. B. was then reading to go to the F-16 and told me that their photovoltaic "writes" up to 6 g. We went with 6.5… »The manufacturer set a limit of 6.7.

"We pass 5,000 feet," the co-pilot informs the pilot of "602" calmly. This Turk would not celebrate. "I'll make him turn vertically." "Astone, it's higher, it's higher." "At zero, there, at zero!"

With an inclination of almost 90o and the lever at 90%, the plane "descends" 6,000 feet per minute to the sea with 6.2 g and the speedometer at 410 knots, dragging the Turkish-loaded with external tanks below 1,000 feet - at altitude. where the pilot of the "TR-602" has put hundreds of his flight hours. Their breaths sound heavy like hammers, the tape recorder recording the mission from the g "writes" with difficulty…

The Turkish falls into the trap and follows closely, waiting for the T-33 to "nail" to the dangerously approaching sea. There, the leader of the formation suddenly "throws" the brakes out. The F-16C pilot loses them and with an instinctive maneuver passes in front. Exactly what Black 1 wanted.

In fractions of a second "I put brakes inside, engine at 100% and turn right with a 90 degree incline, determined to hit him where I found him. I had told the little one "hands on the handles and if I told you to jump you left!". Realizing the danger as the Greek plane began to fill its field of vision dangerously, the Turkish pilot put his lightning hand in front and the F-16C was shaken like a rocket, with its exhaust fumes lifting sprays from the surface of the sea.

It was all he could do to be saved. He would either "decorate" and abandon or "nail". "It's over 16-20." "It passes, it passes, it passes, it has passed." "It's not going to hell!" "Let's throw him in, the boat," the Commander calls the other plane, watching the "opposite" save himself in the "para five" from the fly-by-wire of his aircraft.

The faithful T-33 is about to lose its rivets but in vain. The Turkish is leaving "with a thousand" east. "He left high and right." "Oh, I don't have the same tool!" he growls furiously at the weakness of his plane. Frequencies are on fire as up to four people speak at the same time.

"The worst moment was to see him escape," the governor of "602" recalled. It was so close. The Turkish one had now reached the safety of the Istanbul FIR but the "602" would not immediately return to its base as its crew had some "pending" issues to resolve, a little further east.

There was enthusiasm behind the Squadron. On their track they triumphantly raise their hands, the phone rings incessantly for congratulations, let alone dozens of visits. However, the engineers were the first to check the plane for "distortion". They found nothing. The "Teacher" withstood the onslaught. Because young men were throwing it away.

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Thank you SERNAK. The F-5A of picture has  nice vintage colours. I have plans for a Greek F-5A (1/48) soon (now I begun an F-86D Sabre  in 1/48.) The F-5A will be the nicknamed "Magissa" (" witch") and is the F-5A which destroyed in dogfight over Aegean sea(July 1974) a turkish F-102A. Coming soon by recording the entire time of the actual air battle  



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