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New decal from Begemot - 48-042 Mi-24V(VP) 1-48 decal

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Today we release new decal for Mi-24 - 48-042 Mil Mi-24V (VP, R, K) - many colourful marking schemes, full stencil for one helicopter and all external armament. Now modellers, who already buy new Zvezda model can enlarge chiose of markings up to 36 schemes.






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Tons of cool options! :cheers:

Loving the full-colour instructions. :thumbsup: VAST improvement over the black and white instructions. 


Have you got something planned for the Mi-24P? 1/72 at first (of course! :coolio:), but I guess Zvezda will eventually release a 1/48 Mi-24P also.

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I'm working now about Mi-24P instruction, first of course will be 1-72 decal, about  plans of Zvezda - i think in 1-48 will be release Mi-35M and Mi-24Ps - but whos know in which date it will be.



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