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Cannot start Display Case topic

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Hi guys


Have been attempting to post my latest build in the Display Case section - but constantly encountering a Server 500 Error when clicking on 'Submit'.

As with my others, photos are all hosted elsewhere, so shouldn't be issues regarding sizes - have tried a number of times over the last week, all failed.


Anyone else having similar problems? I see others have successfully started topics over the same timeframe...

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This has also happened to me on a couple of occasions.  I have found that it doesn't have to do with pics, but more about the text.  


On my latest Display Case topic (Academy Su-30MK2), when I tried to post it in whole with 10 pics and 3 paragraphs it gave me the Server 500 error.  So I did some testing, and found if I removed ALL the text it would post.  I had saved the entire post, and I tried to add one paragraph at a time via edit, the first one worked, but when I tried to add the second one I got the error.  I tried to then add the third, and also got the error.  It would only allow me to post the one (first) paragraph.  So there was something in the other two that caused the error, what it was I have no idea.


I had the same issue on a Kinetic Su-33 Display case post I made awhile back, but was able to get that one to work by removing just one paragraph.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks, Michael...


My intended post contains a lot of text, both backstory and descriptive about what was done...

....my two previous posts with similar format worked OK - I guess something's been changed...


Update: minutes after posting this, I tried to upload the intended post to the Helicopter section instead...

....and got exactly the same Server 500 error there as well. Guess I'll just stick to posting at Britmodeller...

Edited by andyf117

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