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[1/72] [Eduard] [Part 7 It's painting time] BF 110 E straight from the box

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Hello everyone,


I am launching in modelling again, and I decided to build the eduard kit. It's a very nice kit with a lot of parts. It's a bit frustrating than on the E version, you cannot put that much charges such as external tanks to some extent, however, all the bomb racks will be full.


I have the Weekend edition, the camo is the S9+NN, it's a bit complex, i'll see what I can do with my airbrush, maybe a light grey with some marbling, for the top.

As I want to optimize the painting sessions for the plane, I will glue as much as sub-assemblies as I can, and then i'll paint the inside of the plane, i'll close it, paint the exterior and then glue the small and fragile details.


Yet I just built these sub assemblies, that you can see in these pictures. Next are the landing gear, the wheels, and we will be ready for the paint I guess.


I will add just few details such as pillows made of sticky gum, seatbelts made from tape and maybe levers made from sprue.



On this pic, we can see one seam line that exists because one part have to be glued to the fuselage. I will try to use acrylic putty, or leave it this way I don't know.




If someone knows how to resize images, i'll take it !


Happy modelling all.


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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone, today just a small update, I glued the landing gears, as they are in the same color than the wheel wells, it's ok but it was not the best idea I've ever had. The landing gear is pretty complex and detailed for a plane of this scale and of this size.

A lot of time was necessary to put them together.



On this pic we can see a small putty rectification, I did not correctly cut the part from the sprue, but this acrylic PA filler seems to be promising, as the gap was small i did not used water to smooth it.

Also the holes for the cartridges had to be drilled, and this was an hard job to do, I had to use a file and some drills, and a scalpel, for a questionable result.



Happy modelling all.

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Hello to all the modellers,


Today, I assembled the plane just to check the quality of the assembly.

The fit is good, however some work will be needed at the link between the tail and the elevator. as the slot in the elevator is too small.


Tomorrow i'll start to paint the cockpit, where I've added some details such as the cushions made of sticky gum and some seatbelts made of tape.

I also sanded down the wheels in aim to give them more realism. However that was not great for one wheel, instead of having a flat surface, I have an angled one.


I tried to brush paint the cockpit with PA paint, the result was not bad, but the coat is fragile and you can have hairs or particles that stick to the paint which is not great. A part of the paint left when I wiped away the test wash, I will varnish the model before putting the wash next time.




Happy modelling all.

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Today, painting of a part of the cockpit.
It went better than I thought, however, I am much more rusty than I thought.
The next step is to varnish and put a wash. And to paint details details.




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Nice work, M3!  The upper joins of the nacelles are often reported as very tricky- did you have any problems? Yours look pretty darn good- cheers!

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On 5/24/2020 at 7:35 PM, chukw said:

Nice work, M3!  The upper joins of the nacelles are often reported as very tricky- did you have any problems? Yours look pretty darn good- cheers!

Wow, Chukw, you're my inspiration when it comes to models, I just saw the entire build of your Lancer yesterday and I loved the Hornisse that you did in the past !


For the joints, well, they seems to be ok, I built the nacelles first, and them glued them to the model instead of gluing all together, this way, I could've managed the joint ! I will see how it goes on the 1/48 model, I want to do the entire series.

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Today, big day.


I finished the cockpit, never apply varnish with a brush, the result with my model were not that great, I wanted to spare me some spraying with a can I've just bought and that was a stupid idea. You can see how it looks on the seat of the gunner.


Apart from that you can't see much of the cockpit once closed.


I think I'll focus on 1/48 models when i'll do warbirds or jets.


Some picture of the closed fuselage halves with the wings and everything. The joints are ok, I force glued each of them, i will do a light sanding to avoid loosing details as much as I can.


Now less talk and more pics.



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Today, small day.


I just assembled some parts on the underside of the plane such as the air intakes on the wings and the engine nacelles.

The air intakes/radiators of the engine nacelles need a bit of work but yet the fit is good.

I also sanded all the joints with a 2000 sandpaper to save as much as the panel lines and rivets of the model.


And that's all.



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Three months later, I have a decent workshop and I managed to start to paint the kit. I choose a different decoration than the one provided in the box, too complex for a beginner like me so I decided to do a desert one. However, I don't know if the fuselage shape is the good one for this version. Too late. This kit is more like a warm up to me, but a good one.

Now the pictures :






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Here it is, the model is not complete yet, i need to do the exhaust fumes, the gun fumes, the wheels, and the tail wheel, glue all the little parts and then it will be done, but the main painting and weathering is done.

I had to change one balkenkreuz on the wing for a fuselage one as i ruined the decal sadly.



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Here is the nearly finished kit.


The kit is beautiful, but quite complex to build, i could not glue some parts at the exterior of the model because they were too tiny I will glue them later with gel super glue if i find some.



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