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MiG-23 TurboStarter TS-21

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Okay, I give up, what is this thing? I looked at the kit instructions and what books I have on the Flogger and can't figure out what it is or where it goes. Does it only go on certain types of MiG-23 or all of them? What about the MIG-27? Thanks in advance!

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That doesn't look like a cart, but like more detailed intake and exhaust parts for the TS-21 APU installed internally on the MiG-23, I presume.


As for the original question, I'd presume it's present on all MiG-23 and MiG-27 variants as most of them used variants of the same R-29 engine which used TS-21 APU as a starter. Not sure about the earliest variants with the R-27 engines, though.

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Just in case anyone else was wondering where the hell this gizmo goes on the Flogger. It is definitely useful with Trumpeter's MiG-23M (kit 2853). It can also be used on MiG-23ML (kit 2855) or the MiG-27 (kit 5802), but the detail on these two kits is better than on the -23M, so it is not really needed on them.


Aires 4812 Turbostarter TS21.jpg

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Applicability on Trumpeter kits.
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