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WANTED: Cobra Company open exhaust set Blackhawk 1/35

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Hello guys !


For a civilian Sikorsky S-70 Project i am searching for the Cobra Company open exhaust set in 1/35.


Hope someone can help me.


Greetings from Austria



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Another option, better in my opinion, due to their superior details would be to combine two Kitty Hawk kits.  They recently released their naval SH-60B and SH-60F kits; these both have the open exhausts.  You can swap out the HIRSS exhausts in their MH-60L to get a Black Hawk with open exhausts.  You would then be able to make an HH-60H or MH-60R w/the left over HIRSS exhausts.  That is my plan anyways.  The Kitty Hawk H-60 kits are light-years ahead of the old Academy ones.

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Got the open exhauts some weeks ago from Lone Star Models, before he closed his onlineshop again. I already did one conversion (USCG Jayhawk) by using the open ones from the Taiwan Hawk set.

But now one of my further proejcts is, to build one of the new S-70i Firehawk birds  (SDFD or CAL Fire).



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