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My 1/350 second Pilot ENTERPRISE BUILD.

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I loved the pilot versions of the Enterprise. Originally, I was going to create Pike's version but decided upon the Where no man has gone before version.

The second pilot version of the Enterprise has almost as much screen time as the production version!

The model is being built lit, ETC based on how it appeared in the original SPFX...NOT that "remastered" nonsense. Using behind the scenes HD pictures as well as clips from The Roddenberry Vault, I started my build.

I cut out the "windshield" of the bridge and inserted a heat formed cut to size piece of frosted plastic. (I believe the miniatures was an clear acrylic sphere painted and the window masked off). I also filled in/added/removed windows per the second pilot. I still need to add four windows seen at the top of the neck right below the lower saucer.

As anyone who knows my work, I hate overly lit models so I took the time to create the subtle SCALE effect seen on the actual miniature.
I also made sure the bow and two lower saucer marking lights blinked in unison ,again, per the 11' model. Video to follow...


I gifted this model to James Cawley and is currently on permanent display at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga New York.





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