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First time airbrushing and am using Vallejo metallics. Few questions. Should the different aluminum shades be symmetrical or asymmetrical? I have done a few so far and made them symmetrical. Also the Vallejo varnish does that go on after decals or before decals. If before, do I put another coat of varnish on after the decals.

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Hi, I'm not overly familiar with the F-86 to be able to comment on it specifically, but with regards to the decals portion of your question...


In my opinion decals should always get a sealing clear coat over them, as it will help them to last many years into the future without cracking or peeling. Plus if you want to do any weathering over them it may help to have a glass clear coat over the top, do your weathering, then apply another more matt clear coat to finish. 


With regards to clearing before decals, the decals can sit better and look more realistic when they're laid down on a very smooth surface. If your colour top coat isn't overly smooth you may choose to put down come gloss clear before the decals, then a more matt clear after the decals to finish. 


And as with eveything new you tackle in modeling, test it all first before trying it in your prized build so you can learn any mistakes the easy way! 👍 


I've not used Vallejo paints specifically for Airbrushing (that will be rectified soon!) so can't comment on them with specifics, but like suggested, practise on some cheap plastic spoons or a scrap kit first so you know what to expect. 

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Never had an issue with Alclad since it came out, decals never silvered and I like to use MM Metallizer Sealer over decals sometimes with some flat lacquer mixed in depending on desired finish.







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I tried Vallejo MetalColour for the first time on this Airfix MiG-17. It's my first metalfinish too. I'm very satisfied with the handling and look of it. Gloss coat before Decals, then a coat again, wash and a last topcoat of gloss varnish. thats it.

Bau 1 (2).JPG

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