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1/48 Tamiya F-16CJ (14FS Misawa)

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Good day to you all,


It took a while, but finished (a while ago, but haven't posted until now) - 1/48 Tamiya F-16CJ (14FS Misawa). I threw all the goodies at it I could and scratch build areas where applicable. 


Goodies included:

Eduard BIG set

Eduard aim-120cs, aim-9x, sniper pod, agm-88

Eduard wheels

Meng satellite guided bombs (for the gbu-31 v3)

Speed Hunter Graphics SEAD Specialists

Master pitot and aoa probes

Master static wicks

KA models exhaust

GT Resin left hand side ecm pod


I may have left some out and will edit the post again if so happens.


Mainly painted via Hataka paints. 


A quick summary of the build itself: The build started with the wheel bays, as I was waiting for some eduard bits to arrive. After test fitting some resin parts for the intakes/bay against each other and the bottom of the fuselage I decided best route is to use the kit plastic wheel bay/intakes and put in the work. The cockpit was a mix of eduard and scratch build bits as best as I can make limited by hand size and eyesight. 


After the intakes, gear/bay, and cockpit where detailed and painted, closed the model halves together and clamped them overnight. The intakes, although straight from the kit, decided to fight against me but had enough flex to stay fitted once the glue and plastic dried. Model was then pre shaded and sprayed with the appropriate colors of the real jet. I then weathered it to taste using mainly the Tamiya panel line accents - the model was lightly weathered.


Next i put together and painted the exhausts. A long time passed between that stage and the recent corona months because of personal drama at home as well as an injury. All good, as the virus hit worldwide giving me an excuse to dust off my model. 


On the final leg I finished off the weapons, sniper pod, and canopy. A few weeks past as I searched for a gbu-31 v3. I initially tried to get one 3d printed but settled on the Meng kit plus some detailing made it acceptable.  A few more tweaks after that I finally threw in the towel and declared it finished. Any more fiddling I'm afraid Murphy's law might kick in and I might do something I will truly regret. This was kind of foreshadowed by my flying instrument panel/hud which I had to repair.     In the end it took a very long time, but the actual model went together relatively without fuss. 


Here are the finished pictures, enjoy! Let me know if I have missed anything, areas I haven't covered, post or picwise. Many thanks! 









































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more pics, additions to write-up
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16 hours ago, RedCrown said:

Great job! How did you paint the exhausts, they look fantastic?

Thanks Whiskey and Redcrown,


If memory serves me right I first painted the insides off white, masked the inside, and then sprayed the outsides black. I followed this with a mixture of alclad pale gold and I believe magnesium for the slightly dull bronzy look. The KA exhausts come with masking for the dark shaded areas of the exhausts so I used those, and tire/rubber black for the shades. 


The exhaust inner side was then sprayed with various tones of off white/flesh color mix. The black marks on the inside were done by hand and the whole lot was finished off with tamiya enamel washes. 


In hindsight I could probably have sprayed,weathered and sealed the insides first, then do the outside exhaust second. I found this out the hard way when I discovered some bleeding of the inside solvents onto the beautiful pedals on the outside. It took a while for me to redo a few areas.        Hth



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This is amazing work. I worked on 825 when I was in Misawa, she didn't have the 14FS tail flash back then though. I crewed the 14th Flagship, 812. I'm just happy when I come on here and don't see a block 50 with SW on the tail or the 5th AF jet out of Misawa. SAMURAI WOOD!!!!

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On 6/18/2020 at 12:21 PM, jmel said:

Very nice!!!!

Thanks Jmel for your kind words! 


On 7/2/2020 at 3:38 AM, Matthew83128 said:

This is amazing work. I worked on 825 when I was in Misawa, she didn't have the 14FS tail flash back then though. I crewed the 14th Flagship, 812. I'm just happy when I come on here and don't see a block 50 with SW on the tail or the 5th AF jet out of Misawa. SAMURAI WOOD!!!!

Many thanks Matthew! As lovely as the box bird is I know about a gazillion other modellers would have made either one. I wanted to do a PACAF bird so I took up some advice on my progress page and managed to find a special 14FS bird from Reid Publishing. 

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On 7/8/2020 at 10:35 PM, Captain Mark said:

I love the detail in the cockpit and also the jet pipe too, very well done! 👍

Thanks! It took probably a bit longer than I would have liked and for a while I thought it would be a perm resident of the shelf of doom.

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